Dominique Hort, DC, CCN, Naturopath


Name:   Dominique Hort
Birthdate:   October 1st, 1965, Sorengo Switzerland
Office Address:  Via Tavernola 22, 6949 Comano, Switerzland

Institution and Location Degree Date

Los Angeles, College of Doctor of Chiropractic, December 1989Chiropractic – USA

Swiss Institute of Chiropractic – Switzerland, Doctor of Chiropractic, November 1992

International and American Association, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, June 1998of Clinical Nutritionists – Texas – USA

Association for Network Care – USA, Certified part 1+2+3, June 1999

Mastery University – Robbins Research Int., Graduate, November 2001 

Dynamis School of Naturopathy - Switzerland, Naturopath, June 2002

Six Advisors Coaches Academy, Coach, 2009

Over 150 W/E seminars to specialize in different chiropractic techniques (TBM, AK, Certificates NOT, NET, BEST, DNFT, NSA, SRI), Certifications, Diplomas, 1987 - present

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, Organizations, Administration, and Teaching

1993 - present 
Private Chiropractic Practice with associates, welcoming over 16’000 new patients in 16 years, being personally wait listed up to 3 years, taking care of for many years world class athletes and specialized in children with LD and ADD

Meets Donald Epstein, DC, becoming a student of Network Spinal Analysis

1998 – present
Integrates Network Spinal Analysis in his private chiropractic practice, with 2 to
 4 associates in Chiropractic Practice and 2 associate in Network Practice and 4 Wellness Educators for Somato-Respiratory Integration

Sept. 2004
Full transitioning Chiropractic Practice from being partially still fixing based 
to a wellness model as taught by Dr. Epstein. His office now welcomes several hundred practice members following the path to wellness.

1992 - present
Member of Swiss Chiropractic Association and post graduated teacher on the subject of nutrition for chiropractic assistants

1992 – present
Member of the European Chiropractic Union

1993 – present
Lecturer on the subject of Nutrition and Detoxification to thousands of lay people through seminars and audio-visual material (detail upon request)

1993- 2006
Member of the medical staff of the top professional hockey team in Switzerland, Hockey Club Lugano 

1993 – 2002
Personal Chiropractor for several of the world’s best bikers and Swiss swimmers (Gianni Bugno, Mauro Gianetti, Luc Le Blanc, Giovanni Lombardi, Andrea Peron, Flavia Rigamonti, etc.)

1988 – present
Member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology - USA

1996 – present
Member of the Swiss Association of Sport Medicine

1996 – present
Member of the Association for Network Care

1998 – present
Member of the staff of Dr. Donald Epstein

1998 – present
Member of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists

1998 – present 
Lecturer on the subject of wellness and personal growth to thousands of lay people (detail upon request)

1998 – 1999
Member of the medical staff of the professional world leading soccer team: A.C: Milan

2000 - 2005
International board of governors, member of the World Chiropractic Alliance

2000 – present
Member of the Swiss Chiropractic Sport Council

2001 – present 

Member of the Swiss Pediatric Chiropractic Association

2000 – present
Teacher of Network Spinal Analysis basic seminars and hands on workshops

2000 – 2008
Lecturer on the subject of Nutrition, Pain and Inflammation and Nutrition, Network Spinal Analysis, Pain and quality of life, and Neural Reorganization technique to the Annual scientific continuing education course and symposium of the European Chiropractic Union, the Swiss Chiropractic Association (details upon request), the French European Institute of Chiropractic (IFEC- Paris), The Anglo European Chiropractic College (AECC- UK), The Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC at the Glamorgan University-Whales), The Life West College of Chiropractic (SF-USA)

2002 – 2008
Member of the board of the Swiss Association “Gente Sana”, a consumer association concerned about the health of people

2003 – present
Member of the board of the Association for Network Care

Originator of Unique Methods

2004 – Present
Metodo Hort (the Hort Method™ see combining Network Spinal Analysis with a support system which includes: nutrition, detoxification, applied kinesiology, functional medicine, diet, functional neurology, structural evaluation (feet, TMJ, …), activity harmonization, geobiology, personal coaching and more.

2007 – Present
With Pierre Bernier, DC, developer and Co-owner of X-CELS Sagl., a worldwide coaching company and system (leadership, management, communication and marketing)  for Doctors of Chiropractic specifically tailored for NSA&SRI practitioners


Listed in the who’s who of professionals in the year 2001-2002


Personally and professionally interested in charity and contribution: served in “the mission of light 2000” in the communities of Mother Theresa in Calcutta, in a rehabilitation program for children affected by severe post traumatic stress syndrome; personally attending Anthony Robbins during his world wide seminars; and yearly helps raising funds for the communities “Mondo X” of Padre Eligio (Italy). 


Over 60 articles published in various journals: Swiss chiropractic News, Italina Chiropractic newsletters, “Spendere Meglio” a consumer newsletter, “Dynamis” a naturopathic publication, “Gente sana” a health magazine, Ticino Management, Ticino Welcome, “Naturalis” a health magazine, and more  (detail upon request) 

Regular appearances in TV and radio shows regarding health 

2007 Co-author with Tiberio Faraci of the Book “Come Te non c’é Nessuno” 
Macro Edizioni, ISBN 88-86493-89-4 on the subject of relationships (personal and professional)

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